Resumes are a tool

Used to communicate your personal brand and value to employers through a summary of your past experiences, education, and accomplishments. Resumes don’t get you a job, your value to the employer gets you the job.

Resumes are not about you

They are about your audience and what will be relevant to them. You can find out the qualities that are relevant to the employer by reading through job descriptions, conducting company research, and talking with people who are familiar with the job function, industry, or company.

Resumes are subjective

Individuals, industries, and countries will have unique preferences on resume writing. Do your research, get feedback from multiple people, assess the feedback, and take the course of action you think is best for you and your audience.

1. Build Your Resume

Mohr Career Services offers a variety of resources, including the following written resources as well as the video resources embedded at the bottom of this page.

3. Get Feedback

You can get feedback on your resume in the following ways:

  • Schedule an appointment with a career advisor
  • Visit drop in advising (schedule at the bottom of the page)
  • Submit your resume for online review
  • Get Feedback from VMock Smart Editor

Need to create a resume? VMock can help! Use one of our Lundquist templates in the system to create your resume in VMock.

What VMock Smart Resume Does:

  • Gives you a score based on how your resume compares with your peers. Freshmen and sophomores will be compared with other freshmen and sophomores while MBAs will be compared with other MBAs.
  • Helps you craft strong content in a simple, neat, no-frills format that is appropriate for applicant tracking systems and many business-related roles.
  • Gives you specific feedback and suggestions to improve your resume’s impact.

What VMock Does NOT do:

  • Accurately read resumes with columns, text boxes, or other more visually creative formats. Pro Tip: use one of the system templates to refine your content. Then you can copy and paste the content into a more creative format, if that’s appropriate for your audience.
  • Check grammar. Pro Tip: Use VMock as a starting point, then ask someone in your network to help you with grammar and language choice.
  • Check for alignment with a specific job. Pro Tip: Use VMock as a starting point, then ask for input from your network on how well it aligns with a specific job or industry.

*ProTipUse Google Chrome as your browser when using VMock

  • Applying abroad? View the Country Career Guides on GoingGlobal to view preferred resume formats by country.
  • Military experience? Take a look at our Veteran Resume Samples in “Career Resources” and use’s ‘Military Skills Translator‘ as a starting point to convert your military experience into civilian language.

Video Resources

Overview & Contact Info
Education Section
Experience Section & Bullet Points
Optional Sections
Formatting & Finishing Touches