Explore career opportunities in Innovation and Entrepreneurship!

This guide is a starting point for exploring Entrepreneurship careers and developing the skills commonly needed for roles within the field.

An entrepreneur is someone who designs, launches, and runs a new business or works within an existing organization to develop new strategies and implement new ventures. Entrepreneurs use their innovation skills to identify solutions, implement their ideas, and lead their organization. Overall, the career opportunities for entrepreneurs are endless and these individuals help shape and drive new and existing markets.

Explore and Research

Entrepreneurial professionals are needed in a variety of companies and industries. Here we detail those as well as provide examples of internships and entry level jobs, and review common skills needed to excel as an entrepreneur.

Gain Experience and Develop Skills

Although you will develop many skills inside the classroom, getting involved and gaining experience will allow you to test them out, improve your abilities, and give you concrete examples to share with future employers or business partners.

Make Connections

Connecting with alumni or professionals working in entrepreneurship will serve you well. Here we detail how to engage in informational interviews and suggest organizations to join to build your network. Also, connect with the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship to find people and resources with similar interests.

What to Read or Follow to Stay Current

There are hundreds of websites, social media accounts, blogs, and other resources that address topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Startups have made their way into mainstream culture and you can get lost in all that hype.

Welcome to the school year! It’s time to get involved!

Don’t miss the Involvement Fair this Friday in the Lillis Atrium. Learn more about the Lundquist Clubs, a great way to jump start your involvement here at the UO. Clubs offer opportunities to meet people with similar interests, learn more …

By Pauline Thaler
Pauline Thaler Career Advisor
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Application Deadline: Submit Your Resume for Internship and Analyst Roles at Target!

Top recruitment leadership at Target, one of the largest retailers in the United States and a member of the Fortune 500, has offered a special opportunity for Ducks to submit their resumes for consideration for internship roles and analyst positions.

By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement
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Mohr Career Services Welcomes You to Fall 2023!

Mohr Career Services would like to welcome you to Fall 2023 at the Lundquist College of Business! As you prepare for a great quarter of study, work, and play, we have some “don’t miss” events coming up – make sure you …

By Josh Pritchett
Josh Pritchett Client Services Manager
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Apply Now for Internship Opportunities at Accenture!

We have a unique opportunity brought to us by a Lundquist College of Business alum, Accenture is interested in receiving applications from Ducks for their 2024 summer internships.

If these internships align with what you’d like to pursue, apply soon! …

By Josh Pritchett
Josh Pritchett Client Services Manager
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Make the most of your Summer… Network!

Summer can be a great time to Network and narrow down your career goals! Even if you already have a job or internship lined up, remember networking is just as much about exploring your career curiosities and learning from direct …

By Laura von Stockhausen
Laura von Stockhausen Career Advisor
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Career Resources

Although you will develop many skills inside the classroom, getting involved and gaining experience will allow you to test your …

If you are a UO business student, please review the information below. If you are not a business student, please …

Find Alumni

Connect with alumni in your industry via the Lundquist Connect community.

  • Eugene, OR
  • Assistant Director, Mohr Office of Industry & Alumni Engagement University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business
  • Portland, OR
  • Director, Corporate Partnerships and Programs NAIA - National Animal Interest Alliance
  • London, UK
  • Director, EMEA MTI - Mobile Technologies Inc.
  • Orlando, FL
  • Growth Consultant Bostic Consulting
  • Eugene, OR
  • Partner & CMO Revolution Design Group
  • Portland, OR
  • Owner McDonald Jacobs
  • Eugene, OR
  • Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
  • Eugene, OR
  • Principal Consultant Independent Consulting

LinkedIn Learning

Developing Ideas and Advertising Concepts

Taught by Craig Smallish
After landing a client, the designer’s first chore is to communicate and develop the initial idea, whether it’s a storyboard…

Getting Things Done

Taught by David Allen
Join world-renowned productivity and time management expert David Allen as he walks you through his five-step process for Getting Things…

Strategic Planning Foundations

Taught by Mike Figliuolo
Join executive leadership consultant and coach Mike Figliuolo as he reveals how to implement a strategic planning process in your…

Finance Essentials for Small Business

Taught by Earl Stice
Manage your small business successfully with these finance essentials from accounting professors Jim and Kay Stice. They explain the five…

Humor in the Workplace

Taught by Izzy Gesell
Humor can change lives and relationships. In this course, organizational consultant and former standup comedian Izzy Gesell helps us better…

Designing Growth Strategies

Taught by Anil Gupta
Companies need to grow in order to attract and retain top talent, sustain competitive advantage, and create shareholder value. Drawing…

Guy Kawasaki on Entrepreneurship

Taught by Guy Kawasaki
In this interview-style course, author, entrepreneur, evangelist, and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki discusses a variety of topics centered on entrepreneurship.…

Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict

Taught by Fred Kofman
Do you dread difficult conversations? Avoiding conflict doesn’t save relationships. Managing conflict makes them stronger. Learn the tools that turn…

The Future of Performance Management

Taught by Gary Bolles
When automation and globalization are changing the very nature of work, even last month’s performance goals may not hold up.…

Crystal Reports 2016 Essential Training

Taught by Curt Frye
Maximize the power of SAP Crystal Reports 2016. Crystal Reports helps you to import and analyze data from a variety…

Jeff Dyer on Innovation

Taught by Jeff Dyer
Innovators are often creative people. But to take a clever idea and actually make it a marketable product requires a…

Transitioning from Technical Professional to Manager

Taught by Sara Canaday
View Sara’s LinkedIn Newsletter All too often, professionals are given the opportunity to take on management responsibilities based on the…

Using Data Science to Hire Employees

Taught by Jeff Selingo
Jeff Selingo visits LinkedIn Studios to weigh in on the importance of using data when making hiring decisions, the complexity…

Creating a Photography Portfolio

Taught by Chris Orwig
An effective photography portfolio presents the photographer’s best work in ways that showcase their images, engage viewers, and convey their…

Business Analytics Foundations: Descriptive, Exploratory, and Explanatory Analytics

Taught by Kumaran Ponnambalam
Business analytics allows us to learn from the past and make better predictions for the future. There are three types…

Balancing Multiple Roles as a Leader

Taught by Sara Canaday
View Sara’s LinkedIn Newsletter As a leader, you’re expected to do more than just manage people. Your employees and colleagues…

Leading Global Expansion

Taught by Haiyan Wang
Global expansion can help a company grow faster, enjoy the benefits of global scale, and tap into the unique advantages…

Jodi Glickman on Pitching Yourself (2018)

Taught by Jodi Glickman
Pitching is a universal skill. The time will come when you need to pitch an idea, a project, or even…

Pitching Your Ideas Strategically

Taught by Todd Dewett
So you have a great idea. You want to share it at work. What’s the best way to deliver your…

Preparing for Successful Communication

Taught by Sam Horn
View Sam’s LinkedIn Newsletter For even the most seasoned professionals, mastering the finer points of communication can be a challenge.…

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