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Explore career opportunities in business!

This guide is a starting point for exploring business careers and developing the skills commonly needed for related roles.

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on General Business are developing a broad foundation in a variety of business areas. General business careers can include sales, management, human resources, operations, retail, marketing, project management, executive leadership, fundraising, and so much more. See below to learn more about possible career avenues.

Explore and Research Business Careers

Business professionals are needed in a variety of companies and industries. Here we detail those as well as provide examples of internships and entry level jobs, and review common skills needed to excel in a career in business.

Make Connections

Connecting with, and learning from, alumni or professionals working in business will serve you well in your search. Here we detail how to engage in informational interviews and suggest clubs and organizations you can join to build your network.

Gain Experience and Develop Skills

Although you will develop many skills inside the classroom, getting involved and gaining experience will allow you to test them out, improve your abilities, and give you concrete examples to share with future employers.

Show Up with Confidence: 6 Key Strategies

In the fast-paced and competitive world of business, your personal brand is your unique identifier. It’s how you present yourself to the professional world and plays a crucial role in your career journey. Here are six ways to help you …

By Sarah Allender
Sarah Allender Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
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It’s How You Show Up That Counts

As we reflect on what it means to bring your “whole self” and your “authentic” being to the workplace, I encourage students to lead with curiosity and openness. Through this lens you will find your place in the world of …

By Sara Mason
Sara Mason Assistant Director, Industry and Alumni Engagement
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A Time for Gratitude

Mohr Career Services wishes a happy holiday weekend to all Lundquist students! We know it has been a challenging term—walk through the Lillis atrium and you will see students hard at work, preparing for midterms and group presentations, often while …

By Pauline Thaler
Pauline Thaler Career Advisor
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Showcasing Your Personal Brand—Make Strategic Resume and Cover Letter Choices!

In today’s competitive job market, your resume and cover letter are your first chance to make a lasting impression on a hiring manager. Mohr Career Services is here to guide you in strategically approaching these crucial documents, helping you to …

By Pauline Thaler
Pauline Thaler Career Advisor
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Google—It’s Not Just for Computer Science Majors

Duck alums from Google share career insights with Lundquist students.

As a Mohr Career Services Career Peer Educator, I recently had the opportunity to moderate an Industry Bite panel starring three Duck alumni who currently work at Google. Blaire Bender, …

By Gabe
Gabe Career Peer Educator
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Career Resources

If you are a UO business student, please review the information below. If you are not a business student, please …

Find Alumni

Connect with alumni in your industry via the Lundquist Connect community.

  • Portland, OR
  • Director, Corporate Partnerships and Programs NAIA - National Animal Interest Alliance
  • United States, MI
  • President and Chief Executive Officer ZI (Zorya, Inc.)
  • London, UK
  • Director, EMEA MTI - Mobile Technologies Inc.
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Sr. Product Marketing Manager Nutanix
  • Orlando, FL
  • Growth Consultant Bostic Consulting
  • Portland, OR
  • CEO Upward Technology
  • Portland, OR
  • CIO/CHRO Neil Kelly Company
  • Eugene, OR
  • Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

LinkedIn Learning

Making More Impact as a Middle Manager

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
If you’re looking for ways to up your game as a middle manager, this course can help. In this audio-only…

Break Free from the Negative Chatter in Your Head

Taught by Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
How often do you encounter a problem and, instead of trying to think of a solution, you spend time thinking…

Building Inclusive Work Communities

Taught by Madecraft
Ever had the feeling that no one at work had your back, or that you weren’t sure who you should…

Designing a 4 Day Work Week

Taught by Andrew Barnes
The impact of the pandemic on workers is well recognized. Stress and burnout are on the rise, and working hours…

Create Healthy Self-Esteem: Know Your Worth

Taught by TJ Guttormsen
Discover ways to appreciate yourself more, become more comfortable with who you are, and recognize the value you have in…

How to Become a Project Management Entrepreneur

Taught by Seyi Kukoyi
Do you dream about going out on your own in the project management world and being your own boss? In…

Cold Calling: The First Seven Seconds

Taught by Miles Croft
Studies have shown that first impressions are made within seven seconds of meeting someone new. This means that we need…

Leading In Every Direction

Taught by Todd Dewett
Effective leadership must be approached from multiple perspectives and directions. In this course, author, educator, and coach Dr. Todd Dewett…

Sales Skills: Identifying Buying Signals

Taught by Miles Croft
A sales opportunity is no different than a psychological game. Back and forth, playing things out, the customer pretends they’re…

Learning LinkedIn for Students

Taught by Garrick Chow
Learn how to tap into the power of LinkedIn to find internships, jobs, and valuable connections. In this course, Garrick…

Design a Future-Proof Team and Culture

Taught by Kevin Eikenberry
As the global pandemic and the “Great Reshuffle” taught us, the need to intentionally design a team and build a…

Measure What Matters (Blinkist Summary)

Taught by Blinkist
What do Google and Bono have in common? They’ve both used objectives and key results (OKRs), a goal setting system…

Building Resilience as a Leader (2019)

Taught by Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts
View Gemma’s LinkedIn Newsletter Research tells us that resilience is one of the key attributes of successful leaders. Resilience can…

Lightroom: Mastering Adjustments and Editing

Taught by Bryan O'Neil Hughes
At the heart of Lightroom is a module where you can make your photos look their best by adjusting exposure,…

Learning the Lightroom Ecosystem

Taught by Theresa Jackson
Confused about the many facets of Adobe Lightroom? This course unpacks the whole ecosystem—from mobile Lightroom to Lighroom Classic—and details…

Managing Virtual Teams

Taught by Phil Gold
Working remotely has been on the rise for many years now, with research showing that hiring managers expect nearly half…

The Neuroscience of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

Taught by Knowable
According to Harvard-trained clinical psychologist Daniel Goleman, leadership begins with emotional intelligence. And emotional intelligence begins with self-awareness: the ability…

The Better To-Do List: Interstitial Journaling

Taught by Knowable
Productivity apps may come and go, but only one method stands the test of time. Recording your thoughts with a…

Supporting Non-Native English Speakers at Work

Taught by Peter Novak
Do you want to become a better ally to your superpowered multilingual colleagues and learn to speak English more inclusively?…

Google Business Profile: Marketing Strategy

Taught by Sam Dey
In this course, Google product expert and ecommerce specialist Sam Dey shares step-by-step guidance for getting started with Google Business…

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