Gain Experience and Develop Skills, Entrepreneurship

Although you will develop many skills inside the classroom, getting involved and gaining experience will allow you to test your skills, improve your abilities, and give you concrete examples to share with future employers.

Project & Leadership Ideas

  • Start implementing your own ideas and start your own business.
  • Consider joining RAIN, getting feedback from your peers and professors, and putting your business plan into action.
  • Explore Case Competitions
    • Competitions include: New Venture Championship, Innovation Summit, APICS West Coast Student Case Competition, KPMG International Case competition, Warwick Business School Case Challenge.
  • Consider being a recruitment chair, president, or vice president within a student club or organization.
    • Exercise your leadership skills and expand your network through these positions to become a skilled and practiced entrepreneur.

Types of Internships or Part-Time Jobs

  • Work for a local startup
  • Any internship within an industry/function that you are interested in
  • Innovation Intern
  • Do project for or work for a small business

Teach Yourself

There are many different free platforms and tutorials online that can help you self-learn different technologies and hard skills that could be useful for a profession in Entrepreneurship.

  • Create and practice your 30-second elevator pitch. Log on to UO’s VMock ( platform with your Duck ID and practice!
  • – Enroll in courses on various career skills such as data science and business to help expand your expertise and leverage your skills in interviews
  • LinkedIn Learning – The University of Oregon is now a LinkedIn Learning campus, so UO students can access this professional skill-building learning platform for FREE.

Explore On-Campus Opportunities