The information below is based on data collected from graduates of the undergraduate, MBA, MS in Finance, and Master of Accounting programs in accordance with national standards.  This data represents the first landing spot for graduates in the 6 months following graduation.

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First Destination

Data sources include student responses to surveys, graduate school enrollment, and LinkedIn. Knowledge rates: 86% for 2019, 78% for 2020, 73% for 2021, 83% for 2022, 87% for 2023.

Job Titles

These are a sampling of the titles that graduates report for their first jobs out of their program.

Starting Salary

The salary data below is based on self-reported salary data for full-time employment. This data does not reflect bonuses or any other monetary benefits.

Top Employers

The following is a list of the most common employers that students have reported working for post-graduation.

Employment Industry and Function

Employment Locations

Lundquist grads love the west coast, but also spread their wings across the country and the world.

United States


Top Universities

Graduates who choose to pursue additional education do so at many different schools across the nation and the world, though many choose to stay at Oregon.

Degree Types

Lundquist graduates pursue these degrees immediately after graduation.

Fields of Study

Most Lundquist graduates who pursue continuing education stay within the business field.