Make Connections, Accounting

Informational Interviews:

  • Conduct informational interviews with UO alumni and accounting professionals. Use LinkedIn’s alumni search tool to find connections.
  • Check out Lundquist Connect, an online platform where students can network with alumni and friends of the college to build connections, share insights, and advance their careers.
  • Check out the Networking Resource Page for sample informational interview questions and email templates.

Join Clubs or Professional Organizations:

  •  Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) – A student-run national honors club for accounting students where students can network with professionals, get to know their fellow accounting students, and begin their transformation from student to professional.
  • The Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants (the OSCPA) offers a FREE membership for students! Membership offers networking opportunities, skill-building programs, and discounts on CPA exam review courses.
  •  Oregon Consulting Group (OCG) – A student-run consulting group where students get hands-on experience working in tight-knit, high performing teams building deliverables for paying clients.
  •  University of Oregon Investment Group (UOIG) – An opportunity for students to gain leadership experience and improve their presentation and public speaking skills through participation in the operation of an investment management organization.

Join Networking Associations: