Personal Branding

1. Build It Up

The goal is to have a consistent message across all mediums that communicates your strengths, values, distinguishing factors, and how you add value to a future employer.

Not sure what those may be? Use these worksheets found in “Attachments” to identify your value proposition

*Don’t forget to revisit this process occasionally. Your value proposition will change over time as your target roles & companies change, and as you grow in your skill sets.

2. Clean it up

According to Careerbuilder, the following percentage of recruiters will disqualify candidates if they find evidence of the following on their social media profiles:

  • Provocative or Inappropriate Content – 46%
  • Alcohol and Drugs – 43%
  • Bigoted Content (Race, Religion, Gender, etc.) – 33%
  • Bad-mouthing Previous Company – 31%
  • Poor Communication Skills – 29%

Clean It Up Checklist

  • Google yourself.
  • Set up a Google Alert to monitor your online presence.
  • Change settings to private on more personal social media platforms.
  • Review questionable content and photos with Scrubber. The free basic “report card” is enough to get you started in identifying concerning posts and taking action to clean up your brand on social media.

Additional Writing Support: Online Resources

  • Grammarly –
    • Grammarly is a free, downloadable application that automatically detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in your writing and teaches you how to correct them.