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Your Personal Brand is the promises people believe about you. When someone says your name, what promises do people believe about you? 

Do people believe you’ll show up on time? That you take initiative in the workplace? That you treat others with respect? You can control your personal brand. Good news! You have the ability to shape your personal brand through your actions and how you message about yourself. The goal is to message consistently and in-line with your target employers/ job functions. This button will guide you through the process of CLEANING UP, then BUILDING UP your online profiles and branding.

Your self-marketing tools include: Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, other social media, blogs, personal websites, your elevator pitch, and how you talk about yourself in the Interviewing Process.

  • How YOU show up in-person is your best marketing tool. People hire (and refer) who they know and trust. How do you show up in team projects, at recruiting events, during informational interviews, and in the workplace?
  • Your online brand matters! Employers use LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter to vet candidates. Does your online image confirm the positive things in your application, or does it raise some red flags?


An online tool used to build and maintain online professional relationships. 94% of recruiters use it to source and vet talent. Think of LinkedIn as your searchable resume that never sleeps.


Resumes are a tool to communicate your personal brand and value to employers through a summary of your past experiences, education, and accomplishments. Resumes don’t get you a job, your value to the employer gets you the job.

Cover Letters

Cover Letters are unique to each position you are applying for and should clearly articulate the value you add to the targeted job within a one page format.

Getting Ahead of the Game: How to Score a Nike Internship

Nike’s University Relations recruiter recently came to campus to share all about their Nike Summer Internship Program and insights into how to elevate your application and nail the interview. Duck alums and current Nike employees Samantha Little, Brice Kanehira, and Alyssa Huque also joined to share their perspectives to ensure our students can prepare for the fall application season and secure a Nike internship of their own!

By Avery
Avery Career Peer Educator
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Career Exploration Through Internships Part 2: Getting Ready for Fall Applications

It takes so many students by surprise that many applications for summer internships open in the fall, especially for large companies and organizations. Here’s how you can prepare for internship recruiting season.

By Claire Wu (She/Her)
Claire Wu (She/Her) Associate Director, Career Strategy
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Career Exploration Through Internships Part 1: Strategies to Make the Most of Your Summer Break

You might already know that internships are great way to leverage summer break and gain valuable experience that can help you secure a job after you graduate. But if you don’t have an internship lined up for this summer, don’t worry. Here are some things you can do over the summer to prepare you for your next big internship or job.

By Avery
Avery Career Peer Educator
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Alumni Are Your Job Search’s Secret Weapon

Forget endlessly scrolling through job postings – there’s an even more powerful way to job search that’s often overlooked: your alumni network.

By Gene Rhee
Gene Rhee Executive Director
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In a Few Months, I Will Be Negotiating My First Job Offer—You Should, Too.

I’m so excited that I’m graduating and entering the workforce. Repeatedly, I’m encouraged to negotiate job offers and obtain the most value out of the situation. To demystify this process and gain a well-rounded perspective, I reached out to several people, and I’m sharing my top five takeaways about how to successfully negotiate your first job offer.

By Marley
Marley Career Peer Educator
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