Funding For an Internship Experience

With the generous support of donors, Mohr Career Services at the Lundquist College of Business is pleased to offer significant financial awards to support Lundquist students who are pursuing internships or professional project work that they might not otherwise consider due to financial constraints.

These funds are available to all Lundquist College declared undergraduate majors (pre-business, business, or accounting) and graduate students in MBA, MAcc or MSF degree programs.

Eligible internships can take place during any academic term. For any questions, please contact Cherie Knox at


All Lundquist College declared undergraduate majors (pre-business, business, or accounting) and graduate students in MBA, MAcc or MSF degree programs are eligible to apply for this award. Applicants must have not yet completed their degree requirements by the start of the internship and must be in good academic standing. Applicants must have a written offer for an eligible internship or project work. Eligible internships/project work:

  • Must have a clear relationship to your career goals.
  • Must have provided you with an offer letter (that you have accepted) and documentation of remote work arrangements.
  • Must be supported by a scope of work from the employer/project manager.
  • Must provide at least 10 hours a week of work AND at least five weeks of work.
  • Must not be with a company/organization owned or managed by an immediate family member of yours
  • Projects/internships may be virtual/remote or in-person.

Financial Need

Students with demonstrated financial need are eligible for larger funding awards. To document your financial need, please be sure that you have filled out the appropriate form below. Include a professional photo and a short, brand-consistent, and memorable headline.

Award Amounts

Applications will be evaluated based on student need and the hours per week the project or internship will entail, as well as completeness and quality of application. Award amounts will range from $200-$1,000 depending on your financial need, the duration and total hours worked, and whether the experience is remote or in-person. Funds, once awarded, can be used for any expenses.

Students may only apply for funding for one internship per term, and Mohr Career Services may only fund one internship per student per year in the interest of impacting as many students as possible.


The application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Applicants should be prepared to provide:

  • Description of their internship/project work.
  • Statement of their career goals and an explanation of how the internship will help achieve these goals.
  • Permission to access academic and financial need records.
  • Copy of the internship offer (pdf, image file, etc.), detailed scope of work for project work and documentation of remote work arrangements.
  • Professional resume.

Application Deadlines

  • Students may request funding at any time prior to the END of their experience (i.e., you may apply before your internship or once you have started your internship).
  • Applications will be processed four times a year, with application cutoffs of Friday of week 5 of fall, winter and spring terms and July 15 in summer term.

Donor Support

This funding is made possible thanks to generous gifts from several donors. Recipients will be informed of the source of their funds and will be invited to express thanks to the donor.