Searching for Jobs & Internships

Here we outline two main strategies for your job and internship search:

  1. Proactive Searching – Networking
  2. Reactive Searching Applying to positions through job postings

Ultimately, you should use both, but keep in mind we recommend spending only 20% of your time focused on reactive searching, while spending 80% of your time focused on proactive searching!

The Proactive Search

Research is a key piece of the Proactive approach to a job/internship search. Learning more about companies, their leaders, and their growth can help you to make strategic decisions about organizations you may want to approach. It is NEVER too soon to start researching!

The Reactive Search

Finding and applying for job and internship postings can be time consuming without a plan. Use the “Top Companies” list you have generated (which can be found in our Career Resources below) to start your reactive search.

Career Fair Opportunities

Career fairs and other events offer a unique opportunity to meet with employers and learn more about their companies and what they are looking for. They also give employers a chance to meet you–which is a more proactive step than simply submitting an application online.

Want to Be Career Ready? Try Things Out!

There are MANY ways to build skills and experience outside of the classroom

Whether through Lundquist Career Fundamentals in your classes or during a Career Advising appointment, you may have heard us say “Try stuff” as you think about your …

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor
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Breathe… You Don’t Have to Have It All Figured Out

You might feel like everyone around you has it all figured out – the perfect major, the dream internship, they know exactly what career they want after they graduate… Spoiler alert: they don’t. No one has it all figured out. And …

By Gene Rhee
Gene Rhee Executive Director
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Site Visit – what is it and how to get the most out of it?

At Lundquist, there are plenty of opportunities for our students to participate in employer site visits. Fifteen Lundquist students and I recently had site visits with these 4 companies: Moss Adams, Amazon, Starbucks and Bain & Co in Seattle, Washington.

By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement
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Deep-Dive: Starbucks Coffee Company

There’s a food and beverage company founded in the Northwest that you might have heard of – Starbucks Coffee Company. With nearly 400,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of $36 billion dollars, it would be hard to miss them!

During …

By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement
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Following Up is Crucial to Building Professional Connections

Next Steps: Following Up After Networking Events or Informational Interviews

At Mohr Career Services, many students ask us how to follow up after meeting with a professional at a networking event or conducting an initial conversation (informational interview). And, let’s …

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor
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Career Resources

If you are a UO business student, please review the information below. If you are not a business student, please …

LinkedIn Learning

Gretchen Rubin on Creating Great Workplace Habits

Taught by Gretchen Rubin
Gretchen Rubin on Creating Great Workplace Habits is a practical and focused approach on how to apply noted happiness and…

Strategies for External Recruiters

Taught by Barbara Bruno
If you are entering the recruiting profession, you can work for a company (as an internal recruiter) or for a…

Stay Lean with Kanban

Taught by Doug Rose
In many ways Kanban is counterintuitive. The system relies on basic rules and practices, and these rules can help you…

Thriving @ Work: Leveraging the Connection between Well-Being and Productivity

Taught by Joey Hubbard
Live a life filled with less stress, greater well-being, and enhanced productivity by learning how to make transformational changes. Continue…

Managing Project Benefits

Taught by Claudine Peet
Projects wouldn’t proceed unless we could anticipate their benefits. But do you make those benefits apparent to stakeholders? The better…

Project Management Foundations: Budgets (2018)

Taught by Bob McGannon
Budget is key to controlling a project’s outcome—and one of the 10 foundational knowledge areas of the Project Management Body…

Interviewing Techniques

Taught by Barbara Bruno
Successful hiring means successful interviewing. The right techniques can attract the best talent—while eliminating bias and emotion from the process.…

Humane Productivity: Burnout Proof Your Performance

Taught by Rahaf Harfoush
It might seem counterintuitive, but to get more done, you have to work less. Working hard in pursuit of our…

Project Management with

Taught by Jess Stratton
Are you a project manager or project team member looking for better—and maybe even more fun? —ways of managing your…

Develop Your Personal Brand in Tech with LinkedIn

Taught by Kate Strachnyi
Having a strong personal brand can help you stand out from competitors and colleagues and attract relevant opportunities. The value…

Complex Project Tips and Tricks

Taught by Sam Yankelevitch
Project complexity can become critical when remote or multinational teams have to work together without knowing each other. When hidden…

Productivity Tips: Using Technology

Taught by Dave Crenshaw
Technology can be both a boon to productivity and a major time sink. In this installment of the Productivity Tips…

Interviewing a Job Candidate for Recruiters

Taught by Barbara Bruno
Few recruiters are trained on how to conduct interviews. But the better the interview, the better you’ll understand your candidates…

Taking a Break from Your Phone

Taught by Dave Crenshaw
Almost everyone is struggling with a loss of attention and focus due to excessive smartphone use. In America, the average…

How to Leverage References, Recommendations, and Referrals to Advance Your Career

Taught by Emilie Aries
References, recommendations, and referrals are more than just flattery—they can change the trajectory of your career. Join Emilie Aries as…

Managing Stress and Building Resilience While Job Hunting

Taught by Careercake
You’ve perfected your resume, refined your cover letter, and mined your professional network for opportunities—but the job offers still aren’t…

How to Follow Up on a Job Application

Taught by Madeline Mann
So many job seekers give up when they don’t hear back on a job. However, if they implement the strategies…

Project Management Foundations: Lessons Learned

Taught by Sam Yankelevitch
One of the biggest problems with a fast-paced, goal-oriented world is that we often rush through projects and tasks, then…

Tech Recruiting Foundations: 2 Understanding Hardware and Operating Systems

Taught by Ayub Shaikh
Tech is one of those rare places where demand for jobs is higher than the supply. With that in mind,…

Designing a Resume in InDesign

Taught by Sabrena Deal
Everyone wants a great-looking resume, with all the right content effectively and attractively organized. The design of a resume and…

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