What to Read or Follow to Stay Current, Entrepreneurship

There are hundreds of websites, Twitter accounts, blogs, and other resources that address topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Startups have made their way into mainstream culture and you can get lost in all that hype. These are just a few of the specific resources that you can follow to stay up with current trends and ideas:

  • Silicon Florist – All things Portland (and Oregon) startup related. Skews towards technology based startups, but offers good commentary on many different components of business; from diversity, to public policy to local investment flow.
  • Portland Business Journal – This website and the accompanying old-fashioned print publication (available in the LCE) covers a broader range of business topics related to Portland and Oregon. Business Journals cover all major markets, so you can get information on a geography that interests you.
  • TechCrunch – One of the primary news outlets for the Silicon Valley technology scene. Much of what you might find here will help you key into the latest trends, ideas, and sometimes ludicrous things that happen in the ‘tech’ world.
  • CrunchBase – Covers venture capital investing and has a deep searchable database of information related to venture capital backed companies.
  • Startup Revolution – Articles and ideas from Brad Feld. Mr. Feld is an author of several key books on the startup world, “Startup Communities” (Ideas on building startup ecosystems), “Do More Faster” (A look inside the TechStars accelerator), and “Venture Deals” (A very thorough primer on Venture Capital and Angel Investing). The website and his blog FeldThoughts are good resources.
  • Andreesen Horowitz – This small, but highly influential VC firm regularly blogs and hosts a podcast that covers topics ranging from the latest technology to really geeky details on various markets.
  • Marketplace – A daily podcast that covers broad general business and economic topics. If you can find time to listen to this daily (or binge listen on long drives), Marketplace will keep you updated on the global economy.

There are hundreds of other potential resources for you to explore, so fire up Google and find what you’re interested in!