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A Crash Course in Writing Well: Learn to Write with More Style, Flair, and Impact

Ever wondered how journalists write dazzling copy, every day, for millions of global readers? In this course, Shani Raja, a former writer for The Economist and editor for The Wall Street Journal, shows how such wordsmiths do their magic. In this intensive, four-hour program, Shani shows you how to write articles, blog posts, work emails, business plans, website copy, marketing scripts, press releases, college essays, and nonfiction books with style, flair, and impact. He begins by outlining the core values, aspirations, and habits of great copywriters. Next, he reveals the key principles of good writing: simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evocativeness. Finally, Shani teaches how to edit a piece of writing to a high standard using techniques he learned while working for leading news organizations like Bloomberg News, Dow Jones Newswires, and The Wall Street Journal. The course concludes with a powerful editing exercise that gives you a chance to apply the strategies taught.

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