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Building a Trustworthy Reputation

Are you trustworthy? Are you sure? Maybe you’ve never given anyone reason not to trust you, but have you given them a reason to trust you? Despite your best efforts and a desire to be trustworthy, there’s no guarantee that that’s how people see you. What’s more, trust can take years to build but only seconds to lose. In this course, Ron Carucci teaches the skills you need to build a solid reputation of trustworthiness. Based on his own research, Ron provides inspiring examples and practical approaches to establish a credible and consistent voice and style that gains trust from others. Ron touches on important topics like speaking your mind and telling difficult truths, supporting teammates in the face of inequity, treating people with dignity and respect, and building bridges and embracing different perspectives. If you want to achieve a life and career of influence and impact, join Ron as he helps you build the foundations you need for others to conclude that you are someone they can trust.

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