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Don’t Miss the Lundquist Student Involvement Fair on Friday!

Come check out the Student Involvement Fair in the Lillis Atrium on Friday afternoon. Campus and club involvement can give you some great experience to add to your resume!

By Sara Mason
Sara Mason Assistant Director, Industry and Alumni Engagement
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Underrepresented students can find community & professional development opportunities in the DucksRISE program

Through DucksRISE, the UO provides inclusive and structured support to help our students gain professional experiences, develop job seeking skills, and leverage the UO community for networking opportunities. Applications for the Spring 23 cohort are open through March 31!

By Sara Mason
Sara Mason Assistant Director, Industry and Alumni Engagement
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Grow your Value in Networking

Networking is like a bank account. You’ve got to grow your equity and make multiple deposits in an account before you can make a withdrawal. By building an authentic connection with an alumni or a professional over time, you position …

By Laura von Stockhausen
Laura von Stockhausen Career Advisor
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Recruiter Tips: Be Experienced, Be Strategic, Be Real

While connecting with recruiters on campus, on site, and on the Zooms, Mohr Career Services Career Connections team works hard to promote you, your talent, and support BizDucks in landing internships and jobs. We also seek to gather insights and …

By Sara Mason
Sara Mason Assistant Director, Industry and Alumni Engagement
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The Proactive Job Search

It can be easy to get caught up in the reactive job search, which involves perusing job boards and simply applying to jobs that are currently posted online. However, this approach limits your opportunities and can be a frustrating and …

By JD Van Alstyne
JD Van Alstyne Graduate Career Advisor
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Connect with alumni in your industry via the Lundquist Connect community.

  • Portland, OR
  • Director, Corporate Partnerships and Programs NAIA - National Animal Interest Alliance
  • East Lansing, MI
  • President, Founder & CEO ZI (Zorya, Inc.)
  • London, UK
  • Director, EMEA MTI - Mobile Technologies Inc.
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Sr. Product Marketing Manager Nutanix
  • Orlando, FL
  • Growth Consultant Bostic Consulting
  • Portland, OR
  • CEO Upward Technology
  • Portland, OR
  • CIO/CHRO Neil Kelly Company
  • Eugene, OR
  • Financial Advisor Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

LinkedIn Learning

First Five Things You Have to Do to Start a Business as a Creator

Are you ready to turn your creative interests into your next career move? This brief course gives you an overview…

How to Use Data Visualization to Make Better Decisions—Faster

Steve Wexler
Most organizations are drowning in data but are thirsty for understanding. An abundance of information doesn’t do you any good…

Increase Your Flexible Thinking Skills

Andrea Bonior
The ability to switch mental gears quickly and efficiently isn’t just a boon for workers needing to pivot after a…

Extreme Focus for Effective Performance

How good are you at staying focused? From top athletes to famous musicians, from movie stars to successful entrepreneurs, a…

Managing Your Personal Finances

Jane Barratt
For many of us who are not financial professionals, worrying about money and saving for the future can be a…

Planning for Retirement

Are you ready for retirement? If you’re like most people, saving for retirement can seem daunting and can easily be…

Sharing Your Best Self at Work

Carolyn Goerner
One of the key aspects to success at work—besides the actual work you do—is how you present yourself. What you…

Microsoft Certifications: Exams, Paths, Certifications, and Resources

David Elfassy
The Microsoft Certification program has helped countless individuals enhance their careers in technology. With different levels of certifications, hundreds of…

Understanding the Leadership Behaviors That Can Sabotage Your Success

Sara Canaday
View Sara’s LinkedIn Newsletter If you’re a current leader in a career rut or someone who keeps getting passed over…

Compassionate Leadership

One of the most underrated skills a leader can demonstrate is compassion. Compassionate leaders are proven to foster more trust…

How to Overcome a Sales Slump

Miles Croft
Success in sales is all about results, and usually the most successful salespeople are making the most noise. This makes…

Habits to Win Every Day

Do you want to find ways to build more alignment, manage your energy more effectively, and increase your motivation levels?…

Leading with Empathy

Maria Ross
Leaders often have misconceptions about what empathy at work looks like in practice, yet it is an essential skill for…

Be an Effective Hybrid or Virtual Employee

Paula Rizzo
Remote work offers greater flexibility and an unbeatable commute. But by leaving behind the physical office—even if it’s just for…

Change Management Tips for Leaders

Change can be complicated and nuanced, but the best way to manage it is with simple and straightforward leadership. When…

PowerShell for Microsoft 365 Administration

Liam Cleary
As a task automation and configuration management program, PowerShell is useful for a variety of applications. Knowing how to create…

How to Find and Use Your Strengths

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
In this audio-only course from How to Be Awesome at Your Job, psychologist Lea Waters talks about the tools you…

Focus on What Matters and Minimize Distraction

Pete Mockaitis | How to Be Awesome at Your Job
Chris Bailey explores how distractions affect productivity, as well as what you can do ahead of time to keep yourself…

Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials

Lorraine Lee
Working from home isn’t going anywhere—and neither are meetings. There’s always going to be a need for teams to gather…

Exceptional (Blinkist Summary)

We all have strengths, but sometimes social norms can prevent us from discovering them. How can you get around that…

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