From Doubt to Confidence: How to Ace Your Next Informational Interview

Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of conducting an informational interview. And perhaps, for some reason, you are still hesitant to try it for yourself. Our Career Peer Educators share the following reasons why there is no need to be nervous when getting ready for your first informational interviews:

  • Most people that are willing to meet with you want the best for you. Breach your comfort zone and often these interviews will be extremely beneficial.  
  • Most people who work in the field of business know what an informational interview is. You’re not surprising anyone by asking for an informational interview. It’s really a more standard practice than we all think.  
  • You will have more fun than you think.
  • The best pieces of information that you’ll ever get about a job or company are going to come from the people that have worked in that particular field. The more informational interviews you do, the more valuable this practice will be for you. It will set you up for success down the line. 

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By Claire Wu (She/Her)
Claire Wu (She/Her) Associate Director, Career Strategy