Informational Interviews – Start today!

An informational interview is a powerful tool that many college students overlook. It is a learning opportunity for college students to gather information. What kind of information are college students gathering in informational interviews? This can include, but is not limited to:

  • industry trends
  • company culture
  • how students can prepare for a career in this field
  • the interviewee’s career journey
  • suggestions the interviewee may have for students
  • resources that students can look into, etc.

Watch this video to get an idea of how an informational interview might look/sound. Conducting an informational interview is not as hard as most students think! Mohr Career Services has resources to get you ready for your informational interview.

  1. Watch this 5 minute video to prepare for an informational interview
  2. Use these email templates to reach out to alumni or working professionals to set up informational interviews. Among these email templates, you can find examples on how to write thank you notes. Remember that a little appreciation goes a long way! Be sure to show your appreciation.
  3. Good questions to ask in an informational interview

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By Claire Wu (She/Her)
Claire Wu (She/Her) Associate Director, Career Strategy