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Work Together Anywhere (getAbstract Summary)

Thanks to telecom technologies, many employees have been able to work from home for some time. However, due to COVID-19, more employees are working from home than ever before, so much so that enabling employees to work remotely is becoming a basic management practice. So how do teams and individuals adapt to this new paradigm? This audio-only course adapted from the comprehensive manual Work Together Anywhere, by remote working entrepreneur Lisette Sutherland, details the ins and outs of telecommuting. The course outlines the many benefits and some common pitfalls of remote work for companies, virtual team leaders, and home-based employees.

This audiobook summary was created by getAbstract, one of the world’s largest providers of business book summaries—with more than 20,000 text and audio summaries in seven languages. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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