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Programming Foundations: Beyond the Fundamentals

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Be familiar with variables, functions, and conditional logic.
  • Watch the Programming Foundations: Fundamentals course if you want to understand the syntax for basic Python commands.
  • Be sure to install any version of Python that starts with a “3.” Python 3.8.0 is used in the course.
  • Use any code editor. Visual Studio Code is used in the course.


  • Perform various tasks with a collection that has two groups of variables, such as creating a dictionary.
  • Create a for loop by printing the names of different fruits in the terminal each on a separate line.
  • Take a value, convert it, and print the result to the terminal with a text description using string concatenation.
  • Find and fix some errors in Python code, including syntax, runtime, and logic errors.
    • Continue your coding journey as you dive deeper into the foundational concepts, practices, and terminology of programming. In this installment of the Programming Foundations series, instructor Sasha Vodnik goes beyond the basics, using Python to tackle a variety of intermediate and advanced concepts and skills you can add to your programming repertoire.

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