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Essentials of Masking in Photoshop and Lightroom

Masking is one of the most commonly preferred tools for editing and compositing digital images. It’s easy to get started with masks, too, especially in Photoshop or Lightroom. In this course, graphic artist Theresa Jackson gives you an overview of masking and how it works in each application so you can decide what’s best for you.

Learn the essentials of masks, how they function, and why they’re so widely used. Explore the differences and similarities of masks in Photoshop versus Lightroom, before taking a deeper dive into specific features uniquely available in each. From layer masks and color masks in Photoshop, to submasks and intersect masks in Lightroom, Theresa covers everything you need to know to mask on your own. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to use both programs simultaneously as well as edit on your tablet or phone.

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