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UX Research: International Projects

Do you ever feel like there’s a disconnect between your products and the rest of the world? While it’s certainly easier and more affordable to conduct your UX research close to home, it’s also critically important to consider how a global audience may understand and use your products differently. In this course, instructor Cory Lebson gives you an overview of how to conduct international user research with this wider audience.

Learn about how to pitch and validate international projects to your managers, executives, and stakeholders. Get tips on conducting both remote and in-person real-time studies in another country—perhaps in a language you don’t even speak. Cory walks through everything you need to know to set up a portable international research kit, build in-country relationships, and create an effective workflow. The world is big. So why think small? Start your adventure today and learn more about how you can support meaningful user research experiences and gather new insights on a global scale.

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