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Talk Triggers: How to Create Customers with Word of Mouth

It seems like everyone is talking about digital marketing these days, as if the entire consumer landscape had suddenly changed. But the fact is, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful ways for you to reach your customers. Why then aren’t more companies investing in scaling their word-of-mouth campaigns? Why aren’t they prioritizing word of mouth as a sales strategy when market research shows that it works?

Meet marketing experts Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin, the best-selling authors of Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth. In this audio-only course, Jay and Daniel walk you through practical strategies to get the most out of word-of-mouth marketing, showing you how to use talk triggers as bold differentiators to help your product stand out from the competition. Along the way, learn about the four criteria of effective talk triggers, as well as the steps you need to take to start igniting customer conversations today.

This audiobook was created by Penguin Random House. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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