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Startup Stories: Chemist Earns Six Figures Blogging for Pre-Med Students

What do you do when all your preparations don’t lead where you expected? In this audio-only course, author and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau shares the story of James Ashenhurst. With a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry and a postdoc from MIT, James built a niche for himself during the Great Recession by offering in-person and online tutoring in organic chemistry. As he tutored, he discovered topics that were pain points for many of his students, and he developed these topics into blog entries. His blog now provides a comfortable six-figure income and is one of the top ten most visited chemistry sites in the world. Chris concludes with useful resources and links related to this entrepreneurial case study.

Note: This course was created by Chris Guillebeau. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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