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Side Hustle Strategies for Data Science and Analytics Experts

The most common way to start a career in data science is to master the technical aspects of the job and then apply to work at a large company. But many of the most successful data scientists are also entrepreneurs that work for themselves. In this course, discover how to diversify your career prospects with a side hustle. Instructor Keith McCormick shows how to leverage your data science and analytics skills in a variety of ways—from writing books to delivering talks at conferences.

Keith steps through how to jump-start your side hustle in writing by serving as a technical reviewer for technical books. He explains how to use your data science and analytics expertise to become a paid presenter at conferences. Plus, he covers how to build your reputation as a consultant, become a part-time instructor at a university, and more. Along the way, Keith shares tips and strategies for making the most of these new ventures once they’ve become part of your professional portfolio.

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