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Job Interview Tips for Accountants

If you’re an accountant looking for a new job and you see a hiring notice that suits your skill set perfectly, it may seem like all your hard work and experience is about to pay off. Of course, your last big hurdle is that you actually have to get that job. And as much as you may have a stellar command of accounting skills, communicating that to a prospective employer—particularly interviewers who don’t have accounting knowledge—requires an entirely different skill set. In this course, Ajay Pangarkar reveals the most common questions that accountants field in job interviews. In the first part of each chapter, Ajay presents a common interview question, and gives tips on how to answer. In the second part, he shows a job candidate answering that question in an interview, and presents a breakdown of the answer.
After finishing this course, you’ll be able to walk into your next interview armed with Ajay’s tips, and answer questions with specificity and confidence.

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