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How to Create a Career You Love

Are you tired of searching for the perfect job, new role, or elusive assignment that’s going to change everything in your career for the better? That perfect job is incredibly rare, but it is absolutely possible to attain a career you love—one that challenges, inspires and fulfills you. In this course, Jodi Glickman teaches you how to create opportunities for yourself so that you can maximize your impact, excel at what you do, and ultimately love your career. Jodi shows you how to optimize the aspects of your job that you do control, from making sure you’re growing and challenging yourself in your current role, to creating opportunities to work with people in your organization who you can learn from and who have the power and influence to help advance your career. Instead of waiting for a hypothetical dream job to come along, join Jodi as she gives you strategies to craft a career that you love.

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