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Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate Cert Prep: 2 ELT with Spark SQL and Python

The Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate certification exam assesses your ability to use the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to complete basic data engineering tasks. It also assesses your ability to use Apache Spark SQL and Python to perform multihop architecture ETL tasks that incrementally process new data from a variety of data sources to power analytic applications and dashboards in the Lakehouse.

In this course, instructor Noah Gift provides hands-on, practical instruction on the core concepts and skills covered in the second section of the exam: ELT with Apache Spark. Explore the fundamentals of data transformation with Apache Spark, including how to install and use IntelliJ for Databricks with Go, Databricks CLI, Databricks for RStudio, Notebooks, multilanguage support, Databricks Repos, and more.

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