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Data-Driven Project Management: Project Metrics That Matter

Many companies are shifting toward data-driven decisions for their operations, as well as their projects. In this course, project management expert Cyndi Snyder Dionisio brings together all the formulas, metrics, and related strategic thinking that you need to bring data-driven decision-making to project management. Cyndi explains that the focus of project management is evolving from outputs to outcomes, and that to measure outcomes, you need to select the appropriate metrics and KPIs. She walks you through business metrics, work metrics, schedule metrics, and more, showing you how to make effective use of each. Cyndi goes over forecasting metrics, as well as risk metrics, then covers qualitative measures, best practices, and tips on avoiding three measurement pitfalls. She concludes by breaking down the requirements so you know what you must have, should have, could have, and won’t have to make the transition to data-driven project management.

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