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Be an Effective Hybrid or Virtual Employee

Remote work offers greater flexibility and an unbeatable commute. But by leaving behind the physical office—even if it’s just for just a few days each week—you’re also losing the structure that it provided. In this course, productivity author and Emmy-winning producer Paula Rizzo shares tips that can help you thrive in this new world of hybrid and fully remote work.

Discover what you need to know about establishing a routine, organizing your workweek, and optimizing communication with your boss and colleagues. Learn what you can do to ensure that your contributions to the team are recognized, even when you’re not in the room. And since working remotely doesn’t need to impact your career trajectory, Paula shares how to set aside time to think through and document your goals. Upon finishing this course, you’ll be equipped with strategies for boosting your effectiveness and productivity at work—no matter where you are.

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