There are MANY opportunities to connect with employers at Lundquist!

Mohr Career Services, business classes, and clubs bring alumni and employers to students!

Never underestimate the power of meeting a professional at a networking event, or during a presentation. Be prepared, ask good questions, and follow up. That is how you will start to set yourself apart in the best possible way.

Students often wonder how they can connect with employers or hiring managers. During career advising appointments, we talk about reaching out on LinkedIn, of course, but we also talk about attending events, panel discussions, and information sessions. There is a wealth of opportunity out there, with so many ways to start connecting with employers, that we just wanted to remind students of a few low-risk options:

  • Earlier this month, 153 students in the Managing People in Organizations class (MGMT 311) were connected with 27 professionals/alumni.
  • Periodically, Mohr Career Services helps to integrate virtual speed networking into classes, giving students the opportunity to meet a variety of professionals.
  • Beta Alpha Psi hosts Meet the Firms in the fall and Meet the Students in the spring, bringing accounting recruiters and associates directly to Lundquist students in the Lillis Atrium.
  • In January, BizCareers: Internship Edition provided first- and second-year students with alumni panelists who spoke about their journeys into post-graduation employment and offered opportunities to connect.
  • Mohr Career Services delivered two BizCareers events this year: BizCareers in Finance, Business, and Real Estate in October, and Bizcareers in Outdoor, Apparel, and Sustainability in November. MCS continues to provide curated “Industry Bites” events during the academic year, hosting UO alumni sharing their own career stories, and companies presenting information about opportunities.
  • Throughout the year, Lundquist Clubs schedule alumni and/or speakers who come from industry to present to their membership, even taking treks to other cities for company site visits.

It’s important to notice that there are many opportunities to connect with companies, network with hiring managers, and to learn from UO alumni. So, don’t hold back—now is the time to get connected!

If you need help figuring out how to get connected with employers, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor at Mohr Career Services. If you haven’t attended an event yet this year, check out the next Industry Bite!

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor