Site Visit – what is it and how to get the most out of it?

At Lundquist, there are plenty of opportunities for our students to participate in employer site visits. Fifteen Lundquist students and I recently had site visits with these 4 companies: Moss Adams, Amazon, Starbucks and Bain & Co in Seattle, Washington.

A site visit is a ‘deeper dive’ meeting with a company that often involves a tour of the office, meeting with multiple departments or employees. Sometimes a panel or presentation about the company is provided.

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of your next site visits.

  1. Do some research: Now that you’ve found an open door or received an invitation to a site visit. Take some time to learn about the company or organization. Start with the company’s website. Read recent press releases to see what they are working on. Another great approach is to read their annual report or their corporate social responsibility report.
  2. Connect with Alumni: Often you can find the best contacts with a company through your alumni network. You can research these connections on LinkedIn, find them on Lundquist Connect, or attend events and club meetings throughout the Lundquist College of Business. Reach out to the alumni and ask for an informational interview to learn more about the company.
  3. Be flexible: COVID has shaped the physical workspace for many industries. Some companies no longer have as many employees at their corporate offices. Some companies’ offices have become smaller or have fewer time slots to accommodate, etc. Be flexible with your schedule and understand the constraints that the organization might be facing.
  4. Dress the part: You’ve heard the old adage – “You can only make a first impression once.” Each company or organization has its own culture and values. Some might be casual; some might be formal. It’s always good to research the organization’s dress code and ‘dress to impress’.
  5. Connect/Follow-Up: If the company or organization agrees to staying in touch, be sure that you take advantage of the offer! It’s a great way to network, keep in touch, and find out about upcoming opportunities. This might include connecting on LinkedIn, sending a follow-up e-mail, or subscribing to the hiring newsletter/community.
  6. Show Appreciation: It goes without saying, if you are offered an opportunity to meet with a company or an employee, make sure to show appreciation! A little bit of thankfulness goes a long way. Sending a thank you note is pretty sufficient. In our case, we also brought along a small gift bag for our visits.

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By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement