Deep-Dive: Starbucks Coffee Company

There’s a food and beverage company founded in the Northwest that you might have heard of – Starbucks Coffee Company. With nearly 400,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of $36 billion dollars, it would be hard to miss them!

During a recent corporate visit with them, students from the Oregon Consulting Group (OCG) got an opportunity to learn about the business, get a sneak peek at the future of the company, and find out more about great career opportunities. The company values collaboration, team work, and has a culture that encourages innovation.

Here are some of the tips provided by the Starbucks University Programs team:

Explore more about the company;

Set up job alerts for internships and full-time opportunities:

  1. Visit the Starbucks Career Page
  2. Read & Accept the privacy statement
  3. Log into your account
  4. Click into your Profile, located on the right side of the page
  5. Update your job notifications at the bottom of your profile in “Work Preferences. “This will allow you to personalize the job opportunities you are interested in.
  6. After updating your candidate profile, select My Account Options in the top right corner to review your correspondence options.
  7. To receive notifications, confirm the “Send me an email notification whenever a new position matching my profile is posted” option is marked “Yes.”

Note: You can modify your job interests or turn off job notifications at any time through your Profile and My Account Options.

They encourage you to visit the Starbucks Navigate your career journey page for great tips on how to navigate the application process at Starbucks.

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By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement