Undecided about a career path? You are not alone!

Many students struggle with finding a career direction. Here are some tips to help.

Try some quick, no cost assessments to get a clearer picture of your must-haves. At Lundquist, we recommend taking a closer look at your VIPS:

Once you complete an assessment, reflect on the results. You may gain insights that spark your imagination or give you an idea of a career area to explore further.

Not a fan of assessment quizzes? No problem! You can learn a LOT about different career options by just talking to other people. Start small. Talk to family members, friends, parents of your friends, and community members about their jobs. Is one of your connections doing a job that sounds interesting? Great! Start to do a little research online about that career path. What is involved? What skills are in demand? At which companies might that type of job be found?

Then, expand your career exploration:

  • Learn about great companies by building a Top Companies List. Think about which companies are doing work that interests you. Do you happen to be connected to anyone there? If so, reach out to ask a few questions. This is a fantastic way to help clarify your goals!
  • Identify interesting jobs through a quick Top Jobs List exercise. Just try out a few search terms on Handshake, Indeed.com or another job board. See what comes up. Take note of which jobs sound the most interesting. You might not be ready to apply for these jobs just yet, but making this list can inform your career direction.

All of these activities will help you explore your options and define your vision. And remember, Mohr Career Services advisors are here to help you talk through your own unique interests. Make an appointment and start building an exciting future today!

By Pauline Thaler (she/her)
Pauline Thaler (she/her) Career Advisor