Insurance Boring? Quite the Opposite…Free Lunch with Amica – Industry Bite Recap.

As a Lundquist student, I recently had the pleasure of attending the new Industry Bite Speaker Series featuring Elise Scacciotti and Esther Lee, who represent Amica, a prominent name in the insurance industry. Elise and Esther introduced us to the company, their career journeys, and the insurance industry as a whole. As someone who knew almost nothing about insurance beforehand, their presentation was incredibly insightful and readily understood.  

During the Q&A session, we learned about Amica’s values, the company’s advancements in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the benefits they offer. What fascinated me the most was the role of technology in the insurance industry. The presenters discussed how drones and AI are revolutionizing the industry, minimizing the need for in-person visits. 

The representatives left us with a sense of the industry’s dynamic nature, offering exciting opportunities for students and professionals alike. If you’re looking for an industry with a bright future and room for innovation, insurance with Amica is a wonderful opportunity. Memorable messages from Elise and Esther include:

“Rarely do people plan to go into the insurance industry, but once you’re in you often don’t leave because you realize how many amazing opportunities and career paths there are.” 

“Be open to opportunities outside of popular industries, you never know where your dream job may be.”

 It was so great to have some free pizza and talk in a casual setting with industry professionals who seemed incredibly interested in our careers! 

Look into Amica’s management trainee program and their other amazing opportunities at Amica Careers. 

Check out these two open jobs with Amica! 

Mark your calendars for these upcoming Industry Bites!  Join Mohr Career Services for some free lunch and great conversations! 

By Lucy
Lucy Career Peer Educator