Research Tips- Getting to know a company that’s getting to know you!

When you have found a company that you are interested in, you’ll want to get to know some things about them. Research allows you to figure out if the company might be a right fit for you. Also, doing your research on an organization will help you approach them with more confidence and ability to discuss a career with them. Some basic questions might include:

  • What sort of business do they do?
  • Where do they do business? Are they domestic, international, or both?
  • Are they hiring? Do they hire business students?
  • Do they have a unique corporate culture? What is their brand like?
  • Are there UO alumni working there?

Here are a few tips for starting your research in preparation for a job interview or an informational interview.

  1. Check out the company website: Many company websites are a treasure trove of information. They provide information about the work the company is focused on, they often have information about employees and leadership, and most good websites have a ‘career’ section where you can peruse their available positions.
  2. Look up the company on Handshake: A quick search on Handshake will give you an overview of the company, show you jobs that are currently listed, and provide you with reviews and upcoming interviews.
  3. Review their social media:, especially LinkedIn Most major organizations have a presence on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other career related social media outlets. Some also will have a presence on Twitter, Instagram and other social apps that can give you a better idea of the brand and let you see the company through a less formal medium.
  4. Think about benefits and salary: Websites such as Glassdoor,, and Comparably are a great resource for finding out about basics of salary and in some cases benefits. The U.S. government also offers information on websites like O*NET and the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  5. Read the annual report and/or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report: Companies and organizations deliver these reports to investors and the general public as a way of summarizing what they’ve achieved and forecasting what they’ll accomplish. Curious about the bottom line? It’s in there.
  6. Check out the ‘Newsroom’, investor page or Company Blog: Many companies put out press releases and stories of general interest in their ‘newsroom’ or company blog. It’s a great conversation starter with a recruiter or company manager when you know a thing or two about the projects they are currently working on!

Remember that you can also find help through networking – perhaps there’s a Duck alum at Lundquist Connect or on LinkedIn who works at the company of your dreams? Even 30 minutes of research can help you show up prepared and confident.

Also, you can make an appointment with a career advisor!

By Keith Dussell
Keith Dussell Associate Director, Industry Engagement