Teamwork & Collaboration Skills for Neurodiverse Inclusive Workplaces

We all want to contribute to and experience teams that are high-performing and feature effective collaboration. Research about teams tells us about some of the qualities teams need to succeed (like safety, trust, and belonging). But how do we understand and interpersonally contribute to those qualities in a neurodiverse group? This session will help us view some of the foundational approaches to collaborating on teams through a neuro-inclusive lens. You’ll leave with additional cultural competence practices around observing, interpreting, and analyzing interpersonal workplace scenarios. You’ll also apply the UDL framework to identify 1-2 additional practices you want to add to your toolkit when working within teams.

Competency Alignment:

-Critical Thinking
-Equity and Inclusion

About the Instructor:

Laurel Bastian (she/her) is a Faculty Consultant with the Teaching Engagement Program who provides training, consultation, and professional development to UO faculty, specializing in access, inclusion, and student wellbeing. Prior to UO, she was faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business, where she taught professional and intercultural communications.

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