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Writing with Proper Punctuation

Help your readers understand your writing easily and fully by leveraging the basics of good punctuation. In this course, instructor Mignon Fogarty, better known as Grammar Girl, shows you how. First, she introduces the apostrophe and how it is used to show ownership, make contractions, and occasionally form plurals. Next, Mignon dives into the many uses of commas, including after an introductory element, between different clauses, and as a serial comma. Learn how to use hyphens in compound modifiers, with prefixes, and as a suspensive hyphen. Find out how to use question marks in different types of questions. Explore how to use quotation marks with commas and periods, as well as with other punctuation marks. After this, Mignon walks you through using semicolons to join main clauses and in complicated lists. She also covers parentheses, abbreviations, asterisks, colons, and dashes, and more.

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