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What’s the So What: Writing Clearly for a Business Audience

Writing clearly and directly is fundamental for any effective business. But it’s far easier said than done, especially in day-to-day work communications. In this course, instructor and veteran product manager James Raybould shows you how to distill your writing to the point that matters most, ensuring that the so-what factor of your message comes across clearly and concisely to your readers.

Learn about why it’s important to get to the point quickly when addressing a business audience. Explore easy-to-use tips and techniques for the next time you’re writing an executive summary or in-house document for review. Along the way, James gives you pointers on improving message retention, testing for effectiveness, and avoiding common pitfalls such as weasel words, passive voice, overwriting, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to take your newly honed skills and apply them to your everyday writing practice on the job.

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