Vlogging for Business

Many individuals and companies are now creating ongoing vlogs, which are video blogs offering educational or informational content that increases brand awareness and helps the vlogger connect to a potentially growing audience. While certain vlogs focus on a person’s daily or weekly life, there are many vlogs that focus on a specific area, such as filmmaking, graphic design, or technology. Rather than vlogging to attract a high volume of subscribers, instead you can aspire to establish a clear, consistent voice and deliver valuable content as a vlogger. This can be accomplished with planning and a technical and creative understanding of what it takes to produce a vlog.

In this course, Jem Schofield of theC47 breaks down the planning, production, post production, equipment, and distribution of an ongoing vlog for your company, business, or creative endeavor. Jem explains how to select the right subject matter, pick a vlogging camera, and shoot your vlog. Plus, he goes over helpful post production and delivery strategies, including editing and integrating branding assets. Jem shows all of this by walking through the process with a business owner, Steven Soria of Make Smith Leather Company.

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