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UX Foundations: Style Guides and Design Systems

A style guide is the document that sets the tone for how your organization communicates and how it designs its products. It incorporates branding, company philosophy, and an understanding of your customers and your market. It may describe the visual, written, and sometimes even spoken styles you use. Agencies, freelancers, designers, and developers will employ the guide to make sure they are on message and on brand—and avoid wasted time and effort. Join UX specialist Chris Nodder, as he leads you through building a style guide that describes your UX strategy in a unified way that everyone can understand. Learn how to build in consistency, creativity, and flexibility so your team can build amazing user experiences that reflect a coherent and recognizable company voice. Plus, discover how to create a design system of reusable interface components, complete with code snippets, to ensure your company’s design language is consistent from product to product.

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