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Using Job Data to Find Jobs

A job search can be challenging, but there are resources to improve your chances of finding a new role. Instructor Jason Schenker shows you how to strategically use widely available data to uncover hidden job opportunities and accelerate your job search. Jason explains what kinds of data hold insights about the job market and where the data can be found. The course covers how to find and interpret long-term forecast tables from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Jason walks you through how to identify high-value earnings opportunities by using official earnings forecasts, then how to identify education requirements for jobs. The course helps you find out which states have a lot of job openings, then helps you narrow down which cities have abundant job openings. If you’re looking for remote work, Jason steps through how to prioritize tactics to lock down a remote job and best practices to find these jobs. Plus, he goes into how to use jobs data on LinkedIn.

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