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Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Recruiting and Interviewing

Despite our best efforts, bias is a contributing factor in our decision-making. Unconscious bias is even more precarious, as we are often unaware that it’s a factor in our decisions. In this course, Dr. Tana M. Session walks you through how to define a number of unconscious biases, as well as how the biases can impact your decision-making and how you can combat them when recruiting and hiring qualified candidates. First, Dr. Session explains what the term “unconscious bias” means and ensures no one feels guilty about discovering their own biases. Next, Dr. Session covers several common types of unconscious bias, including confirmation bias and affinity bias. For each type, she defines the bias and shows how it might impact your decision-making. After this, Dr. Session concludes by outlining strategies to minimize bias in the recruiting and interview process, such as learning how to find diverse candidates to fill positions, use diverse panel interviews, and utilize interview scorecards.

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