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Trello for Video Post Production

Efficient project management and team communication are the keys to meeting the ever-shrinking deadlines of post-production. Trello is the perfect tool to coordinate editors, assistant editors, producers, vendors, and entire creative teams, whether located in the same physical space or scattered across the globe.

Trello for Video Post-Production is a hands-on learning experience in using Trello, Google Drive, and Slack to build your post-production project management system from the ground up—all the way from planning to the delivery of your final masters. This system can apply to scripted projects, unscripted, documentary, reality, and almost any other kind of project imaginable. Filmmaker and professional editor Zack Arnold shows how to create boards and add new cards, attach documents, share media, assign due dates, and link to several different cloud-based storage solutions like Google Drive and Dropbox. Each step of the process is broken down in detail so you understand how to use Trello to its fullest potential. With these tips, you can finally achieve the dream of a post-production workflow that minimizes busywork, paperwork, and email and maximizes your time to be creative.

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