Top 10 Skills for Blockchain Developers

Check out the Top 10 Skills series, where career experts and LinkedIn Learning instructors walk you through the most important skills for data science professionals today. In this short beginner-friendly course, find out what you need to know to succeed in a rapidly growing field as a blockchain developer, gathering insights along the way from data expert Ben Sullins to build out your toolbox and boost your career.

Whether you’re looking for a new move in data science, or just retooling for your current role, Ben shows you the skill set that can set you apart, working down the list, one skill at a time. Explore the fundamentals of blockchain, proficiency in programming languages, cryptography, knowledge of blockchain architecture, familiarity with decentralized technologies, token economics, smart contract development, consensus algorithms, analytical thinking, and more. Discover the importance of preparing for tomorrow by learning impactful, new skills today.

Note: This course was created by Ben Sullins of Free the Data Academy. We are pleased to host this content in our library.

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