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Tools for Decreasing Ambiguity and Increasing Clarity

In business and relationships, common wisdom says “communication is key.” But ambiguity often gets in the way of a precise, meaningful message. In this audio-only course, Karen Martin—founder and president of TKMG, Inc.—gives her top tips for clearly communicating what you mean and helping others do the same.

Learn how to ask questions that reveal what someone is truly thinking. Plus, discover the words and phrases that muddy what you’re trying to say – and what to use instead to set clear expectations.

Karen is the author of Clarity First and The Outstanding Organization. She is a sought-after speaker and expert on creating high-performing workplaces. Here, she explains why we sometimes default to an ambiguous message. She shows how speaking directly and caring personally can go hand in hand. Plus, she goes over methods to reduce ambiguity and request clarification in a way that doesn’t make others feel threatened.

This course was created by Pete Mockaitis of How to Be Awesome at Your Job. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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