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Time Management for Greater Meaning and Happiness

Amidst the constant hurry, are you struggling to find happiness and meaning in your work and personal life? Take a deep breath and recalibrate your approach to time management with UCLA professor Cassie Holmes. In this course, Cassie shows you practical strategies for how to invest your time to cultivate more meaning, purpose, and joy in your days and weeks—even when you’re racing to meet a deadline.

Learn how to use your time more intentionally by thinking of time as the most important resource in your life. Get tips for evaluating, tracking, and rethinking your time so you can put life in perspective and focus on what you value. From finding more fun in potentially stressful or tiresome situations to taking a bird’s-eye view of what’s what, Cassie teaches you how to be more deliberate and reflect on how you want to spend your life. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with proven strategies to make your time truly matter, crafting a happier story of your life.

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