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Thriving as a Project Manager in the Age of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already shifting the way projects are managed, and by some estimates more than 80% of project management (PM) tasks will be automated by 2030. It’s important for project managers to think more broadly about the profession and focus on developing the attributes that will set them apart. In this course, Hussain Bandukwala, PMOpreneur and CEO at Parwaaz Consulting, explains how project managers can best future-proof themselves to ensure they’re delivering value and remaining competitive in today’s job market. Get an overview of how AI is changing the PM landscape and get into the right mindset to embrace AI. Explore the human skills that will matter most as AI continues to transform project management (including strong communication, relationship building, and embracing agility in handling different project types). Dive into best practices for staying up on trends in project management. Plus, find out how to put together your own personal development plan to thrive as a project manager in the age of AI.

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