Operations, Supply Chain & Business Analytics

The Outsourced Environment

Outsourcing can be a strategic, cost-saving approach to obtaining services which support your business. But working in that environment presents challenges and differences from a traditional work setting. In this course, instructor Bob McGannon helps you learn to work more effectively in this dynamic environment, whether from a client perspective or an outsourcer perspective. Bob goes over the benefits of outsourcing, as well as the role of the outsourcing contract, the expectations of managers in an outsourcing environment, and the nuances of working for multiple bosses. He goes over the details of working in a time-tracked environment, then offers his thoughts on how personnel should be managed and how special service requests are managed in an outsourcing environment. Bob concludes with an exercise to evaluate missing elements in an outsourcing environment.

Note: This course was created by Bob McGannon. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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