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The Healing Power of Compassionate Purpose

In this installment of The Science of Compassion series, health psychologist Kelly McGonigal encourages you to think about ways in which genuinely caring for others can be a source of both meaning and courage, and can help support you through difficult experiences in your own life. While helping someone else while you yourself are suffering can seem like a puzzling phenomenon, throughout this course Kelly explains how lifting up others helps us as much as it helps the recipient of our compassion. She also illustrates the healing power of compassion through several techniques, like using words of encouragement to build up those around you and reduce their emotional pain, and how realizing that you have something to offer others can transform the way you feel about your own suffering. By the end of this course, you may feel inspired to create a narrative of your own suffering that includes being able to help others.

This course was created by Sounds True. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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