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Strengthening Your Inner IQ: Align Body and Mind for Optimal Results

In our modern culture, peace, freedom, and joy may take the back seat while stress and anxiety become driving forces in our lives. We want to live more mindful lives, but where to start? In this course, Diane Breneman, founder and CEO at Meditative Science, shares what she’s learned about meditative, formative, and contemplative practices that enable you to change your trajectory, empower your creative abilities, and become an empathetic and authentic leader. Diane focuses on your inner intelligence quotient and shows you ways to use focus as an essential tool. She explains empathy in leadership, as well as how to distinguish between agility and stress agility. Diane goes over building clarity, strengthening your resilience, and finding your inspiration. She also covers your power as a leader and the power of choice. Diane discusses the process of creating with the mind, then finishes up with instructions on how to practice the ABCs of I-IQ.

Note: This course was created by genConnectU. We are pleased to host this training in our library.

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