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Storytelling for Recruiting and Employee Retention

How do you land the perfect candidate, or keep your best talent from leaving, when the things that really matter to people are subjective, subtle, human reasons you can’t easily explain in a marketing brochure? The answer is storytelling. You need recruiting and retention stories that influence people mentally and emotionally.

In this course, Paul A. Smith explains why storytelling can be your best recruiting and retention tool. Paul discusses different types of recruiting and retention stories, including “why I came here” stories, “why I don’t leave” stories, stories that showcase your organization’s employee benefits, culture, and values, and more. He goes over tips to craft and deliver your stories, including the eight questions that your stories need to answer, as well as how to create emotional engagement and add an element of surprise to your stories. Plus, Paul shows you how to create a plan to define, find, and develop recruiting and retention stories.

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